Bandwidth Breakdown: What You Need to Know About Your Broadband Internet at Home

Friday, September 09, 2016

It's after dinnertime: the kids are glued to their online gaming devices, you're binge watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, and everyone is multitasking on their smart phones--when your Internet network slows down, streaming quality starts to suffer and family frustration sets in. 

Does this sound familiar? 

During peak Internet usage hours (typically after 6pm), the popularity of streaming services and always-on devices is likely creating more strain on the wireless broadband network than you might think. 

With the number of connected devices in the home expected to continue growing in the future, the demand for bandwidth--and devices ready to use it--will only increase.

Check out the infographic below, which explains what's happening to your Internet when the majority of your devices are connected, and how you can avoid slower connections during peak hours. 

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