Why Kinetic Gig is the Best Internet for Online Gaming

Friday, July 6, 2018

Your team is this close to destroying the enemy team’s Nexus in League of Legends, when all of a sudden, you notice what appears to be a glitch. But it happens again a few minutes later, and again a few seconds later, and like that, your internet connection is going, going, gone.

As an online gamer, you’re always wondering what’s the best internet for you. But internet speed isn’t the only thing to consider. The other biggie? Latency, also known as “lag” or “ping.”

On this National Video Game Day, our Windstream team is sharing ways to combat latency and have optimal speeds for your gaming pleasure.

First, it doesn’t hurt to know what are minimum requirements for your gaming console — whether you’re on the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 or even a PC — and if you meet them.

1. Run an Internet Speed Test

An Internet speed test will not only tell you your download and upload speeds, but they will also spit out your “ping” score, which is read in milliseconds. Your internet should be running at the correct speeds, but a few factors could influence that, like the number of connected devices running at once. If it isn’t, try these steps. Now, you’ll want to make sure your latency score is A-OK. Typically, broadband — which is defined by the Federal Communications Commission as having a minimum download speed of 25 MB and a minimum upload speed of 3 MB — is expected to have a latency of below 100 ms and often lower than 30 ms.

2. Get a Faster Speed Tier

If you find that you’ve tried just about everything and your internet speed still isn’t up to snuff, try getting a faster speed. Windstream offers different speed tiers with Kinetic Internet, and you can see what’s available in your area by entering your address here.

3. Get a Sturdier Connection

Know that Wi-Fi connections are usually weaker than wired connections. But if it’s not feasible to wire whatever gaming platform you’re using, there are other ways to improve your connection if you’re using cable or DSL Internet, such as moving your console closer to your modem or, even, updating an older version of your modem and router.

Try all of the tips above to reduce latency during your gaming sessions.

Your best bet, though? Go all in with fiber internet and Kinetic Gig. Windstream’s gigabit internet transmits data using fiber-optic cables, which are less susceptible to outside forces like power outages or distance. And while it comes in different speed tiers, fiber internet can reach download speeds of up to 1 Gig (and have symmetrical upload speeds).

And you won’t have to worry about lagging the next time you’re on top of your game and about to win it all!

Learn more about how Kinetic Gig can support your online gaming needs, whether you’re playing on a PC, a Mac or a gaming console.