Family Fun Summer Activities

Monday, June 25, 2018

The kids have been out of school for a good month, and you’ve gone through all the big summer activities — maybe that family vacation, visiting old friends or extended family, camp.

So what’s left to do? Fight that summer boredom with these family activities from our Windstream team.

1. Summer Reading Programs

Don’t let the kiddos experience summer slide, and hit up the local library! Many public libraries have summer reading programs, some of which rewards you with gifts depending on how many books you’ve read. Or even start a little family book club, where you all read the same book and discuss it.

2. Get Outside

Get active. Play a sport together, go hiking or fishing or go for a swim. Or even go to a local park and have a picnic.

3. Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows and Movies

If you’ve been putting off your favorite family shows because of busy school and work schedules — and delayed it even more with your family vacation — use your Kinetic TV to finally catch up. Browse through our extensive video on demand list to watch any of the blockbusters you may have missed. Or stream it all using your Kinetic Internet.

4. Play Some Games

Card games, board games, video games. The options are endless. Remember that some video games, like Minecraft, can be educational. And what’s not to love if the kids are playing games they want with a little dose of a teaching lesson?

5. Start a New Hobby

For all you know, your child could be a chef in the making! Experiment with different activities that your children can harness into a hobby. If they like arts and crafts, have them complete an art project that they might not be able to do during the school year. Maybe they’ll want to put together a model plane, train or automobile.

6. Keep It Educational

Check out museums of science, art or history for more educational opportunities.

7. Day Trip

Go to a different city or town as a day trip, and explore. Visit local attractions, including museums or parks. And feel free to turn on those podcasts or audiobooks that you downloaded at home!

8. Miscellaneous Activities

Bowling, skating, outdoor lawn games, go karting, putt putt golfing are other family activities that you can do cheaply. Visit theme parks or water parks for more family fun with a heftier price tag.

And check out more family activities that can boost family wellness, such as cooking or volunteering together.

Now that you’ve set the summer agenda, let Windstream help you keep the children and yourself entertained this summer with our phone, internet and television services.

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