Livestream College and NFL Football Games without Cable

Thursday, November 8, 2018

You have cut the cord and are getting only the channels you want at the price you want. You’re streaming your favorite shows and movies on Netflix and HBO Now, and you thought you were all set. But then it hit you — it’s almost football season.

What now?

Don’t fret! You can now livestream football using Kinetic Gig. Kinetic Gig is our fiber Internet with One-Gig speeds so you can surf, stream, download and watch on multiple devices. Because of its method of delivery — fiber-optic cables — Kinetic Gig will give you a faster and more reliable connection, so you won’t have to worry about buffering, lagging or missing a touchdown!

Now that you’ve got unlimited high-speed Internet, it’s time to consider which services are best for live football streaming. Think first about whether you’re most interested in college football or NFL — or maybe even both.

College Football

A lot of college football games are broadcast on an ESPN channel, whether it’s the main one, ESPN2 or ESPNU. Remember that ESPN is also host to College GameDay and will have exclusive broadcasting rights to the college football playoff this year. So, if you’re all about the quantity of games, it’s worth looking into streaming services that include these channels. But also note that ESPN’s parent company, Disney, started its own sports streaming service, ESPN+, which allows you to record, pause and rewind live games among other features.

Other channels, like CBS, have also started offering streaming services, such as CBS All Access, though it is not available in all markets. FOX, which airs mostly Big 12 games on its main channel or its regional sports channels, is usually widely available through most over-the-top services.

But if you’re looking for something a little more robust — say, a specialty conference channel, like the SEC Network, Big Ten Network or the Longhorn Network — you may want to try over-the-top streaming services, such as DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV or fuboTV.


Pro-football is a little easier to watch since there aren’t as many channels to keep up with. Channels include NFL Network and FOX for Thursday Night Football; CBS, FOX and NBC for all the Sunday games; and ESPN for all Monday Night Football games.

Your options here will look very similar to those for college football. Note, though, there will be some limitations, like the inability to watch an NFL live stream online via CBS All Access if you’re using a cell phone or that not all over-the-top streaming services will include the NFL Network, so you’ll need to double check what channels come with whichever package you choose. (Amazon Prime members, however, will be able to catch NFL streams of games that run on the NFL Network again this season.)


If you’ve already cut the cord, you’re likely to have some sort of device, like a Google Chromecast or a Roku that will help you stream to your heart’s content. You may even have the good ol’ bunny ears —  or antennas — that allows you to pick up local channels, including the big four: ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

If you haven’t cut the cord just yet, read our primer on how to do so your way.

In the meantime, though, enter your address here to see if we’re serving Kinetic Gig in your area.

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