Premium Wi-Fi Management with Windstream Shield Connect

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Picture these scenarios:

You’ve heard about all the new smart home tech and decide to go out and get a new Nest Thermostat. You get home, and it won’t connect to your Nest app. You’ve looked over the support instructions several times, but you’re still in a pickle.

You’re setting up your new desktop, and you’re ready to hop onto your Kinetic Internet when you realize something is amiss. Your high-speed Internet is working, but your computer won’t connect to your Windstream Wi-Fi.

What now?

Enter Windstream’s Shield Connect, a new service that includes Protection Plus and Premium Wi-Fi Device Connectivity Support. Think of it as your own one-stop shop for support 24/7/365.

A subscription to Shield Connect — at $6.99 a month — will get you all the help you’ll need connecting, troubleshooting and securing a wireless connection for an unlimited amount of your devices. That includes:

  • Standard Devices: Wireless PC/MAC; Printers, Scanners and Faxes; Wireless mouse and keyboards; and others like webcams, so you can stay connected with your family at any time.
  • Mobile Devices: Cell phones, Tablets and e-Readers
  • Smart Devices: Thermostats, Door Locks, Sensors, Cameras, Wearables and More

Shield Connect will also get you installation and activation support, so you can forget calling up device manufacturers, or maybe even your relatives!

And, should anything go wrong with your inside standard wiring, jacks or customer-owned equipment, Protection Plus kicks in. This part of Shield Connect will greatly minimize repair costs on those issues.

Learn more about how Shield Connect can be your anytime support service today.