Preparing for College Move-In

Friday, July 20, 2018

You’ve survived 18 years of sports practices, after-school activities and homework help; 18 years of advice, learning and growth; 18 years of birthdays, holidays and other milestones.

But you’ve still got one more first — helping the kiddos move into their first home away from home, the college apartment.

And the No. 1 thing to do — after making sure all the utilities are set up, of course — is get connected. College students need high-speed internet to turn in assignments, get class materials and even access textbooks.

Get them on board with Kinetic Internet for their home Wi-Fi service!

Now that the roommates are getting ready to purchase Windstream Internet services, you’ll need to figure out how much speed they’ll need. Think about factors like how many roommates your child may have and what everyone might be trying to do online at once.

So, let’s say there are four people living in the apartment. That’s four mobile devices, four computers and maybe a handful of other Wi-Fi-connected devices, like gaming consoles, smart TVs or home assistants. And during those peak hours, one roomie likes to stream music while doing some online research, while another who likes the background noise of television is streaming a show he’s already watched through on Netflix. The third is uploading media files online and playing some online video games, and your child is video conferencing for a class.

If they’re experiencing a slowdown, they’re likely wanting to know how to boost Internet speed. Read our bandwidth breakdown page to learn more about what could affect your internet speeds, and try out some of these tips to enhance the connection.

The roommates may also want to consider establishing a broadband schedule to ensure that high-bandwidth activities — like online gaming or video streaming — aren’t affecting everyone’s online experiences.

If all else fails, consider upgrading your Internet speed. Visit our Kinetic Internet page and enter your name and address to see what internet speed options are available in your area.

Once you’ve got everything connected, all that’s left is moving on in!

Download our checklist of all college tech your kids will need to ensure they are all set for Day One of college.