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Troubleshoot Your Problem by Power Cycling Your Modem

Thursday, August 18, 2016

At first, glance the term “power cycling” may seem like sports-related term referring to pedaling your bike as hard and fast as you can with the force of a He-Man. In reality, it refers to a quick and painless process that could make a big difference in your computer’s performance. Power cycling means you are resetting your network hardware to the factory default settings. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, power cycling your modem can improve or completely resolve these. Think of it like you would a car; this is just like getting your oil changed. This fast and simple re-boot can make a huge difference in your Internet speed and performance.

Follow the three simple steps below to power-cycle your modem:

Shut Down

First things first, before you do anything else you need to shut down your computer. If possible, try to do this through the start menu instead of just turning your computer off.

Unplug and Wait

Next, unplug the black adapter from the back of your modem and wait 15 seconds. When 15 seconds is up, you can plug the black adapter cord back in. After you have plugged it in, check to make sure your power light is on. You should then begin to see the DSL and Internet lights begin to flicker and then go to solid green. This could take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.


You should now be able to restart your computer and open your browser.

Performing these three steps simple steps could help improve the overall performance of your connection. If you are looking for High-Speed Internet service or are interested in upgrading your current speed, check out Windstream’s plans and save today!