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Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Many internet connection issues can be resolved easily and even before you call tech support. When troubleshooting your connection, the first thing you should try that can resolve many issues is simply power cycling your modem.

This is done by turning off the power to the modem, and the device(s) you are using. Any other equipment behind the Windstream router such as a 3rd party router, switch, firewall, etc. should be powered down. Leave all devices off for a full two minutes. After the full two minutes, restart the modem and only power back up other devices after the Windstream router has re-synced. 

My Windstream modem has lights on it. What do they mean?

Windstream uses the Segemcom 1704N modem/router. You may notice lights on the modem and wonder what they mean. Knowing what the lights mean can help determine what is going on with your internet connection. Listed left to right are the indicator lights and their meaning. 


Please note: this is only for the 1704N Segemcom router/modem. If you use another router/modem, please refer to the appropriate owner’s manual for that device.





  • Off Power Off
  • Green Power On
  • Red Router in rescue mode - Contact support.

Signal: (denoted on the modem with a check mark symbol)

  • Off Not Trained
  • Green Steady Trained Up
  • Green Blinking Training Up

Internet: (denoted on the modem with an @ symbol)

  • Off - Power Off
  • Credentials need to be configured or Bridge Mode
  • Green Steady Connected
  • Green Blinking Connection Attempt in progress
  • Red Failed Authentication -contact technical support

Wireless: (denoted on the modem by an antenna with waves emanating from it )

  • Off No Wireless device connected
  • Green Steady Wireless device connected
  • Green Blinking Wireless traffic

LAN 1-4:

  • Off No Ethernet detected
  • Green Steady Ethernet port in use
  • Green Blinking Traffic passing

If power cycling your modem does not resolve the trouble and you still need support, Windstream offers a couple of ways to contact technical support. You can contact support via with Live Chat which is available 7 AM – 8 PM CST, 7 days a week. Technical Support can also be reached by phone 24x7 at 800-347-1991.

To learn more about your modem, visit our support page here