What is Fiber Internet?

Friday, July 6, 2018

Over the last few years, fiber internet has been a buzzword. You’ve probably heard it’s stronger, better, faster; that we at Windstream are already offering it in select markets; that we have plans to expand. But what exactly is it?

DSL Internet, cable internet and fiber internet are the types of wires delivering your service. Traditionally, DSL and cable are delivered on copper wires, which use electricity to transmit internet signals.

FIber-optic cables — usually made of glass or plastic — use light to transmit data to provide internet services. The transportation method alone is what makes fiber internet faster and more reliable than DSL or cable. Light isn’t susceptible to outside forces, such as power outages, weather, age or distance. And fiber-optic cables are capable of allowing a large amount of data to flow over a shorter period of time.

Fiber can come with any internet speed. We at Windstream have fiber internet available in select markets for speeds starting at 25 Mb and as high as gigabit internet. Note that all of our Windstream Internet customers signed up for Kinetic Gig already have fiber-optic cables. (And we’re expanding!)

So, is it for your household?

Fiber internet is perfect if you’re always connected.

So, think about all the connected devices you have at home. That includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles and smart home technology like televisions, thermostats, lights and appliances. How has your internet performed thus far? Are you adding any more devices? Are they always connected all at once?

Because of its faster speeds, fiber internet is a great solution for those who stream music, shows and high-definition movies; who game online; or who do a lot of downloading, whether it’s music, videos or even games.

Fiber is an especially good option, too, if you need high upload speeds or symmetrical download/upload speeds. Cable internet has inched its way into providing higher download speeds, but its upload speeds are typically no match for fiber.

Learn more about the Kinetic Gig experience — the new definition of speed — with no data caps on our newly enhanced fiber-backed network today!