Your Life on One GIG

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What does a typical night look like in your home? Are you streaming a Netflix show on your TV while uploading pictures from your latest vacation, live tweeting about the show you're watching, checking a text message on your smart watch while your kids are playing a video game.

Every day a new device is being created, and the more devices you have in the home, the more your speed will lag. With One GIG Internet from Windstream, you’ll not only have ultra-fast speeds now, but also be prepared for the hundreds of connected devices in your home as early as 2020.

We’ve outlined a few of the reasons One GIG makes your life easier:

  • A Family of Devices: A typical family of four could have up to 20 devices. With each device that’s connected to the Internet, speed slows. If all 20 devices are connected at the same time, your videos are going to buffer, your songs will stall and your web pages will load slowly. With One GIG, there’s more than enough Internet to go around, keeping everyone in the family happy.
  • A playlist in just three seconds: Do you have one minute until the first guest arrives at your party? With One GIG, you can download a playlist of 100 songs in just three seconds, leaving you with 57 seconds to finish setting the table and open the door.
  • Video Chatting: It took you years to teach Grandma how to video chat – you don’t want your live stream to buffer and get her even more confused. Windstream’s ultra-fast One GIG Internet lets you, Grandma and 10 of your family members chat, “buffer free.”
  • Lazy Sunday: It’s a rainy Sunday and time to settle into the couch for a long day of movie watching. You queue up the eight movies and click download before reaching for your popcorn bowl. By the time the popcorn is in your lap, the HD movies are already downloaded! With One GIG, you can download one HD movie in just seven seconds, saving you a long and torturous wait staring at the computer.
  • Work From Home: The modern work environment has evolved and many people run businesses out of their home. When you’re running a company, you want speeds as fast as your brilliant ideas.
  • The Future Household: The smart household, once the stuff of science fiction movies, isn’t far away. We have smart cars, refrigerators, thermostats, TVs and much more. To keep hundreds of devices running smoothly, there is a real need for speed.

While GIG is currently offered in Lexington, Kentucky; Lincoln, Nebraska; Sugar Land, Texas; and various North Carolina cities, we're investing in fiber updates across multiple Windstream service areas. In other words, you may be able to make this digital utopia a reality in the not-so-far-away future.

Visit our Windstream GIG page to learn more and find out if your house is qualified.