YouTube TV Tips to Get the Most Out Of Streaming

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Maybe you’ve wanted to “cut the cord” on cable but know that you would miss live news and sports, not to mention a few primetime shows. In fact, you don’t really want to give up the lineup.

You need YouTube TV.

YouTube offers 70 traditional cable and broadcast channels including all of the major networks, even the major cable networks, and ESPN for $50 a month.

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube TV.

How to Use YouTube TV

YouTube TV’s network lineup is here, but a quick list of heavy hitters includes CBS, which is tops across all traditional TV channels with more than 7 million average viewers, most of the ESPN-branded stations and Fox Sports, the three most-watched cable news networks, nearly all of the original content cable channels (USA, TBS, AMC, etc.), food, nature, home, and kids, including PBS and PBS Kids.

The lineup competes with a mid-priced cable package, with YouTube Originals, its own studio best known for "Cobra Kai."

How to Customize YouTube TV

Subscribers can customize the package a bit by adding premium networks such as NBA League Pass ($40), Starz ($9), Showtime ($7) and others for a fee.

A few more YouTube TV tips that may or may not advantage every subscriber:

  • Multiple accounts For $50, each YouTube TV subscription actually supports six accounts, three of which can stream at any one time. So YouTube TV is a family pack out-of-the-box.
  • Google profile Your Google account for email (as well as the G Suite of office platforms) is how YouTube TV is accessed. Your entertainment preferences and unlimited DVR-stored programming can be curated and refined like a profile.
  • On the Go YouTube TV is oriented toward mobile consumption. It’s “the most mobile,” one source proclaimed.
  • Google Assistant Similarly, simply shouting out commands can breeze through channels, make selections, pause, exit, etc. Google Nest and Google Home speaker systems can be linked through Chromecast and voice directed. You can say, “OK, Google, play the Yankees game on YouTube TV,” or “Hey, Google, turn on closed captions.”

Streamers keen to keep their local news and other local broadcasts should check YouTube TV’s lineup by ZIP Code.

PlayStation 4 owners will love YouTube TV because it just became the first live TV streaming alternative to Sony’s PS Vue on the popular gaming console.

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